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Exterior building shot of the Student Centre at Hazel McCallion Campus


编辑部 authorby Vitusha OberoiMar 30, 2022

A five-storey recreation and athletics hub for students, by students, 这个耗资4300万美元的项目由一名前学生负责管理——黑兹尔·麦卡利恩校园学生中心是谢里丹校区的新成员, 这是对其学生社区想象力和创造力的致敬.

The brand-new building, 由谢里丹学生会与网赌美高梅和谢里丹体育合作开发, offers fun and relaxation to students taking a break away from lectures, labs and curriculum. 对于那些在课间有时间的人来说,这里也是一个休闲的地方. While a soft launch for the Student Centre is planned for May, its Athletic Facility 现在对所有谢里丹的学生和教职员工开放了吗, and appointments can be booked for the gym and weight room. The building is expected to be fully operational in September.

Lucas Laurenssen
Lucas Laurenssen(建筑技术10),HMC学生中心项目经理.

该项目始于2016年的一项调查,该调查询问学生们希望在校园看到什么. So basically, the entire building was planned by students,” says Sheridan graduate and Project Manager of the Student Centre, Lucas Laurenssen (Architectural Technology ’10). For over five years, Laurenssen has been working to bring those aspirations alive, 他很自豪自己在为学生社区提供许多便利设施方面发挥了关键作用,他记得自己还是学生时就渴望这些设施.

“It is unreal to see it all built up now. 当美高梅网站开始这个过程的时候,这绝对是一个挑战,如果不是可怕的话. But having gone all the way, to have seen a whole building constructed in front of me, it's really amazing. Each floor of this building is completely different. It's not at all like a cookie-cutter, academic building,劳伦森谈到米西索加的这座新建筑时说, 它自豪地将标志性的SSU和Sheridan田径队的标志印在外面.

该项目始于2016年的一项调查,该调查询问学生们希望在校园看到什么. So basically, the entire building was planned by students.”

At the centre of the 71,000平方英尺的空间是一个全白色的休息室,有大教堂的天花板和高大的滑动玻璃门,让空间充满了自然光. 休息室有一个咖啡站和一个全方位服务的酒吧,无缝连接到休息区. For sports and fitness enthusiasts, there’s a double-height gym with a sparkling basketball court; exercise rooms with state-of-the-art cardio and weight equipment; studio space for yoga classes and dance; and an elevated running track in the Bruins’ signature double blue wraps around the fourth floor.

那些想找个僻静角落来完成作业的人可以在二楼找到一个“安静”的大厅. Plush sofas, 时髦的酒吧凳子和桌子散落在整个建筑周围,透过玻璃面板可以看到壮观的城市景色. 一个设备齐全的家庭厨房和一个快餐商店负责食品和零食, and well-appointed SSU offices, with ping-pong tables in the waiting area, are ready to welcome students.

Student Centre lounge at Hazel McCallion Campus
The main lounge with sliding glass doors.

美高梅网站在整个空间中使用道格拉斯冷杉天花板,给它一个温暖、自然的外观. In the survey, 学生们说,他们想要一个有家的感觉的地方, and the natural wood ceilings help in creating that effect,” Laurenssen says.

新建筑拥有HMC所有的环境可持续性特征, such as rainwater management, cooling tower water use, advanced energy metering, storage and collection of recyclables, indoor water use reduction, 还有一个建筑自动化系统,可以持续控制和监测温度和湿度,同时节约能源.

该项目原定于2019年完工,但由于疫情和由此造成的施工延误, it overshot the opening date by three years. 尽管那段经历很艰难,劳伦森说,团队还是挺过来了.

The running track in the Bruins’ signature double blue.

美高梅网站不得不在施工过程中关闭这个网站,这不是很好. And once work resumed, it took time to get things back on track. 次级交易几乎用了六到九周的时间才再次进入流动状态,”劳伦森说. 也, throughout the pandemic, factories were working at 25 to 50 per cent of their capacity, causing material shortages for the project.

As Project Manager, it was Laurenssen’s responsibility to keep an eye on the schedule, 项目预算和整个建设过程的工作范围. “Working through the pandemic was a challenge for everyone. 承包商对现场工人的健康和安全负全责, 每个人都在尽自己的一份力量,确保工作的安全进行. 当然,这让整个过程稍微长了一点,但美高梅网站坚持下来了。”劳伦森说.

劳伦森与HMC校园的合作可以追溯到他的学生时代,当时他在谢里丹设施部门做过三次合作. “As a student, you're always seeing these new buildings go up, or renovations happening on campus, and you're just curious to know who’s doing all that. That's why I was really intrigued with Facilities. I did three co-ops in the department and I loved it,”他说.

“我一开始是谢里丹戴维斯校区的一名学生,就好像我从未离开过一样. 有种感觉,我来这里不只是为了工作,也是为了学习.”

He worked briefly for an architectural firm after graduation, 但很快,在2011年HMC a区准备开业时,他以实习生的身份回到了设施部. “I got to actually go on site, help out the project manager with any tasks that needed to be done, did some space planning for offices throughout the building, and also gave tours. So I have a bit of a legacy with HMC,”他说. In 2016, 当时有机会为HMC学生中心的项目工作, Laurenssen readily took it up.

“我一开始是谢里丹戴维斯校区的一名学生,就好像我从未离开过一样. 有种感觉,我来这里不只是为了工作,也是为了学习. 我在学校里了解了学生们现在是如何使用科技的, how they use different spaces, how they gather and move through the campus. 生活在这些环境中并体验它们真的有助于设计和规划, and everything that goes into projects such as the Student Centre,” Laurenssen says.

此刻,他迫不及待地想看到学生们走进新大楼. “现在, 我对这个项目以及所有的努力感到非常自豪, but when students walk into the building, that’s when I’ll be really happy,”他说.

横幅图片:Hazel McCallion校区新建成的学生中心.

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